Ratika is a registered physiotherapist who is licensed to practice in the province of Ontario. She has completed her Masters of Physiotherapy in Neurology & her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. She has been practising for more than 7 years in various clinical settings. Ratika has training in Manual therapy techniques including Soft tissue release, Therapeutic Cupping, Maitland and Mulligan Mobilization and Therapeutic taping.

Ratika has done courses enabling her to practice Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture and dry needling. She also has specialised training in Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Management.

Ratika has a special interest in Pelvic Health especially women’s health and has done extensive training in this field (courses upto Level VII by Pelvic Health Solutions). This training enables her to treat patients with various kinds of Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic floor dysfunctions, Prolapses, Acute and persistent pelvic pain syndromes, Pregnancy related conditions, Pelvic girdle dysfunctions, SI jt dysfunction , connective tissue dysfunction, post -surgical and  post- partum pelvic floor muscle weakness.

Ratika wants to continue her learning to add newer and advanced techniques to her skill set so her patients continue to benefit more and more.

Ratika strongly  believes in treating her patients in a holistic and evidence-based fashion, so her patients can achieve their rehabilitation goals. She employs a combination of soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, acupuncture, education and personalised exercise prescription in order to provide her patients with the best treatment experience.

Ratika currently practices at our Oakville location.

Contact Ratika at [email protected] .