Shivani New


Shivani is a Chiropodist/ Foot specialist trained in managing disorders of the feet including routine foot care, podiatric soft tissue surgery, diabetic foot screening, wound care, injection of the feet, mobilization therapy and provision of custom orthotics.

Shivani completed her medical degree in Guyana, South America and her exposure to clinical practice there has motivated her to pursue studies in the field of Podiatric Medicine at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences in Toronto, which is the only post-secondary school that offers this training.

She currently works in diabetic foot care at a reputable Family health team where she trains final year Chiropody students and is involved in prevention of diabetic foot ulcers and amputation.

Her passion to prevent diabetic ulceration led to her current involvement with WoundsCanada as an advocate and part off the leadership initiative program.

Her desire is to improve the quality of service offered in the health care system and has led to her pursuit in several training post-graduation to improve her competency and provide optimal level of care for her patients.

Her training on “Improving quality and safety in Health care,” that was done through Harvard University has been a great stimulus to ensure adequate training for her supportive staff to ensure patients are well informed and to ensure a safe and transparent process in health care delivery.

Her passion for learning has led to developing her skills further in the field of mobilization therapy as a tool to reduce painful symptoms in her patients.

Outside of work, she loves to dance, spend time with her family and organizes group trips to explore the outdoors with her friends and family during the summer.

Shivani is available to see patients at our Erin Mills and Square One clinics and may be reached at