Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Toronto

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Toronto

Did you know children can benefit from pelvic physiotherapy too?

Most children are dry at night by school age. Approximately, 30% of children wet the bed at 4 ½ years of  age. Fecal incontinence is also common in children. If a child has regular soiling or poo accidents after the age of 4 they should be assessed.

Pelvic Health issues can be resolved with the help of a trained pelvic health physiotherapist.

Common conditions experienced by childre can include:

Constipation: infrequent bowel movements, frequent movements with pain or difficulty

Incontinence: inability to maintain bowel or bladder function. Could be inability to make it to the bathroom in time or leakage with giggles and coughing

Bed Wetting (Enuresis)leaking urine through the night while sleeping.

Voding issues (eg. Dysfunctional voiding & postponement): inappropriately engaging pelvic floor muscles during voiding or delaying going to the bathroom. Sometimes as a result of fear or pain.

Did you know 85% of children had bed wetting or fecal incontinence because of constipation?

If your child is 5 or older and experiencing any of the above symptoms pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can help them get back to being kids, and relieve familial stress!

Our trained therapists create a personalized treatment plan with parents and children to better target your families concerns and improve overall quality of life. Treatment is always in a way that is fun and engaging for your young one.

What does a pelvic floor assessment entail?

Your physical therapist will start by taking a detailed child developmental and family history. They may ask you to complete a bladder diary to better track your child’s voiding patterns. A functional assessment of their breathing. Following this a visual inspection is performed, it can be performed with clothes on. Note: no internal assessment is done. Next the functioning of the pelvic floor muscles is assessed using externally placed censors.

What does the pelvic floor treatment entail?

  • Education dietary foods/irritants, habit training, digestion, pelvic floor anatomy
  • Biofeedback machines using Bluetooth to keep children engaged playing games with the aid of their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Toilet training
  • Massage

Which locations of Triangle Physiotherapy offer Pediatric Pelvic Health in Toronto?

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is currently offered at Triangle Physiotherapy North York, Triangle Physiotherapy Mississauga and Triangle Physiotherapy Lawrence Park.

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