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Physiotherapy Treatment
Physiotherapy Treatment

Triangle Physiotherapy promotes active treatment programs that emphasize exercise & functional activities & encourage client participation & independence.

What is physiotherapy?

Why choose physiotherapy?

Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy at some point in their lives. It is widely known that physiotherapists treat injuries but people are now increasingly seeking physiotherapy to take back control of their health and wellness.

Our Physiotherapists combine “hands-on” manual therapy techniques, electro-therapeutic modalities, and exercise programs to treat various conditions including:

What is a physiotherapy session like?

Every visit is unique, just like our patients and their health conditions. A typical physiotherapy session may include:

Does physiotherapy hurt?

Does physiotherapy have side effects?

Do you need a doctors referral?

What should you wear?

How long are the sessions?

How many visits do you need?

What should I do after my treatments?

If you are interested or still have any queries about physiotherapy and what our physiotherapists can do for you, contact us at Triangle Physiotherapy. Triangle Physiotherapy has eight convenient locations: Physiotherapy Etobicoke, Physiotherapy Oakville, Physiotherapy Mississauga, Physiotherapy North York, Yonge Street (Physiotherapy Toronto), King West (Toronto), Queens Quay (Toronto) and Erin Mills (Mississauga). At Triangle, our team is comprised of professionals who love what they do. Our staff will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable recovery while in their care, and will do their best to help you get your life back on track.

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