Urge Incontinence

Urge Incontinence

What is Urge Incontinence?

Urge incontinence is the sudden and intense need to urinate, which often leads to involuntary urine leakage. There are usually only a few seconds in between the urge to urinate and the release of urine.

What are the Risk Factors for Urge Incontinence?

  • Advancing age because of the weakened bladder control
  • Women are more likely to experience urge incontinence than men
  • Certain conditions like Parkinson’s disease or Multiple sclerosis
  • Smoking, which can cause bladder irritation
  • Obesity, which can put pressure on the  bladder and pelvic muscles
  • Menopause and pregnancy
  • Bladder- related problems like bladder stones, tumors, overactive bladder, and interstitial cystitis.
  • Certain medications like diuretics which can increase urine production
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Constipation and Enlarged prostate

Mississauga Pelvic HealthCan Pelvic Physiotherapy help with Urge Incontinence?

Yes, pelvic physiotherapy can certainly help with urge incontinence issues.

  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles these muscles can help improve bladder control and reduce episodes
  • Bladder retraining to help improve bladder control which then helps reduce urgency
  • Electrical Stimulation to help retrain and improve the strength and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Lifestyle modification to help manage stress
  • Behavioral Technique, which includes strategies like distraction techniques urge suppression techniques.
  • Biofeedback helps gain control over the pelvic floor muscles

How can I find a pelvic health physiotherapist near me?

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