Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulder Bursitis

Throughout the human body, there are over 150 synovial “bursae”. These are fluid-filled sacks found throughout joints and around tendons whose job is to reduce friction during motion. Condition of Bursitis is an extremely common pathology of these sacks, which results in inflammation and irritation of the synovial fluid found inside and usually presents as a dull ache during motion of the affected joint in certain directions.

Shoulder Bursitis Physiotherapy clinic Mississauga
Bursitis is most commonly seen in the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint, lateral hip, elbow, and knee, however technically, can be present at any bursa in the body.

Most common causes of this condition are:

1) Direct trauma to the joint (eg. falling)
2) Prolonged pressure to the area (eg. kneeling for extensive periods)
3) Overuse of the affected joint or surrounding joints
4) Tight or weak muscles around the affected joint

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Pain associated with bursitis comes from direct contact of the tendon, muscle, and fascia against the bursa itself, causing friction to the sack however is most commonly associated with a biomechanical fault in or around the area.
If you are struggling with pain from bursitis, seeking treatment from a physiotherapist is often the fastest and most effective way to mitigate symptoms and keep them from returning. The physiotherapist will not only assess your symptoms but determine the cause of your symptoms by examining how you move, your strength and range of motion at surrounding joints, and any other contributing factors to your condition.

Often the fix is a simple one, but if you’re only treating the source, the likelihood of recurrence in this condition is high. Call us or email to book an appointment today with one of our physiotherapists, specialists in movement!!