Physiotherapy: Will OHIP cover my treatment?

April 27, 2023 / Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy: Will OHIP cover my treatment?

One of the most common questions that we are asked by patients calling our clinic is “Will OHIP cover my treatment?” or “Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP?”.

The answer is: It is covered by OHIP but in particular circumstances. Continue to read to get more information on if and when OHIP covers physiotherapy treatments.

Who is eligible to get OHIP-funded physiotherapy treatments?

With a valid OHIP card you can receive government-funded physiotherapy if you are:

  • 65 years or older
  • 19 years or under
  • any age after an overnight hospital stay (within the last 12 months) for a condition requiring physiotherapy
  • a recipient of the Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program (any age, OHIP card not required)

Remember, you have to have a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner in addition to any of the above criteria.

Does ODSP cover physiotherapy?

You may be covered for physiotherapy under the ODSP program at an OHIP funded clinic. Contact your ODSP administrator for more information.

Where can I go to get OHIP-covered physiotherapy treatments?

The answer to your question, “Does OHIP cover physiotherapy?” is yes – OHIP covers physiotherapy ONLY at designated government-funded physiotherapy clinics and you have to meet some eligibility criteria. Not all clinics are able to provide OHIP-funded physiotherapy treatments.

Does OHIP cover physiotherapy for seniors?

Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP

Seniors over 65 years of age are covered for physiotherapy treatments provided all the eligibility criteria are met. However, you should read on for the disadvantages of visiting an OHIP-funded clinic.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to get treatment at an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic?

You need a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner once you have met the eligibility criteria. This ensures that your condition is appropriately assessed and that you receive the most suitable treatment plan.

At Physiotherapy Oakville, we work closely with healthcare professionals to provide seamless and comprehensive care. Scientific studies emphasize the importance of coordinated care in achieving optimal health outcomes. By joining Physiotherapy Oakville, you gain access to a network of experts dedicated to your well-being, ensuring that your treatment is both effective and tailored to your specific needs. Our team will guide you through the referral process and collaborate with your healthcare provider to develop a personalized physiotherapy plan.

Is Triangle Physiotherapy an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic?

Triangle Physiotherapy is not an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic. Physiotherapy at Triangle is funded by the following:

  • Extended Health Insurance Plans
  • WSIB
  • Auto Insurance if you have been in an accident
  • Private pay
  • Veterans Affairs Canada

We have physiotherapy clinics in Etobicoke, physiotherapy clinics in Oakville, physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga, physiotherapy clinics in North York and physiotherapy clinics in Toronto.

What are the disadvantages of going to an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic? 😞

While the biggest plus of going to an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic is that it is free, the eligibility criteria rule out most of us.

The disadvantages of getting treated at a government-funded clinic are:

  • Wait times – the likelihood of you getting in to see a physiotherapist urgently is very low.
  • Locations – the closest government-funded clinic might be an inconvenient distance away
  • Over-booked schedule – the OHIP-funded clinics are reimbursed at a meager rate for each session, meaning that physiotherapists in OHIP-funded clinics can be double or even triple-booked in a single time slot. In addition, some clinics also do group sessions.
  • Non-personal, non-individualized care – you may not see a physiotherapist for several sessions after your initial visit and be treated by a physiotherapy assistant.

What are the advantages of coming to Triangle Physiotherapy over going to an OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinic?

There are many advantages to seeing a physiotherapist at Triangle Physiotherapy over visiting an OHIP-funded clinic for treatment.

  • Detailed one-hour assessment.
  • One-on-one follow-up sessions – no group sessions or sessions with a PTA.
  • Qualified physiotherapists with specializations in manual therapy, acupuncture, pelvic health, vestibular health, and more.
  • In most cases, a doctor’s referral is not required. However, if you will be submitting your claim to an extended health plan, it is best to check if they require one.
  • Convenient billing options – direct billing to insurance, pay by credit or debit card.
  • Easily accessible locations.
  • Best possible patient experience.
  • Multi-disciplinary care – Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Chiropody.
  • Morning, evening, and weekend appointments to suit your schedule.

Where can I find a great physiotherapist near me?

We have 8 convenient locations with physiotherapists to help you.

Book an appointment to see a physiotherapist in Toronto today!