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Jun 21
Orthotics Clinic in Oakville, Toronto, Mississuaga, Etobicoke, North york
Orthotics for the Active!

Summer is here, and with the sun on one’s face and a cool breeze, everyone feels like going out and enjoying some fresh air. Be it a early morning run or a quick swim, a…

Jun 18
Healing Heel Paing injuries
Healing the Heels

Wearing heels maybe a fashion statement for some, but for others it is a work necessity. Studies have shown that 72% women wear high heels at some point or the other 50% of them wear…

May 24
Yoga at best
Yoga – Just Do it!

Yoga has been gaining immense popularity lately, due to the short-term as well as long-term benefits that it provides. Practicing yoga provides a strong spiritual element that offers fitness and flexibility. People suffering from various…

May 24
Massage Therapy in Canada, Ontario
Reward yourself with massage therapy

Massage therapy has a positive effect on a plethora of medical conditions. It rejuvenates both your mind and muscles. Everyone experiences pain, the only difference is some continue to suffer and some proactively seek pain…

Apr 27
How are custom Orthotics made?
What are Orthotics?

What are orthotics? Orthotics are custom made inserts that are worn inside your shoe to control abnormal foot function. Orthotics solve a number of biomechanically related problems, for example, ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip,…

Apr 27
Pacifying the Pain – All about Patella Tendon Tears
Pacifying the Pain – All about Patella Tendon Tears

Pacifying the Pain – All about Patella Tendon Tears Despite it being named a “Tendon”, the patella tendon is both a ligament and a tendon. It connects to two different bones, the patella and the…

Mar 16
Combatting Shin Splints

What exactly is shin splints? Are they treatable? Shin splints is a condition characterized by damage and inflammation of the connective tissue joining muscles to the inner shin bone (tibia). Shin splints are known by…

Mar 14
How to Feel when you’re Numb

Do your legs tingle, become numb, or feel weak? You may be experiencing Sciatica. The term Sciatica describes leg pain that originates from the lower back and travels through the buttock and down the large…

Jan 20
fix pain
Running from Jumpers Knee

Patellar tendinopathy (also known as: patellar tendonitis, and tendonitis) is an overuse injury affecting the knee. The patella tendon is a short but very wide tendon that runs from the patella (kneecap) to the top…